World Class Quality and Commitment to Our Clients

Your visitors will get their first impression about your home or business from the way it looks. Let our professional paint contractors ensure it is a good first impression, with our interior and exterior paint services for your home or business.

The Highest Quality

Interior Painting

The inside of your home or business requires a great deal of care during the painting process to avoid any splatter onto your belongings.

Our professional painting technicians will take every precaution to protect your investment while doing their job without disrupting your life. Floors, fixtures, furniture, and any other surface that is not to be painted will be covered to protect from drips, spills, and other painting mishaps that can occur.

Your surfaces will be properly prepared to ensure that your paint lasts, providing a job that stands up to the highest of industry standards. Of course, our contractors understand that you also live or work in your home or building, so we work as quietly as possible and clean up our mess once we’re done so you never know we were there.

The Highest Quality


Whether you live in a small condominium or a mansion, or you have us painting a large commercial building, Heinle’s Professional Painting will never compromise on quality. Our teams follow a detailed, standardized process to ensure consistency and quality every step of the way. Trust us to ensure the first impression of your home or office counts.


Commercial Painting

Heinle’s Professional Painting is the best choice for your commercial painting needs. We offer interior and exterior services, so whatever your project may be, we can help you!

Other Ways we can help

More Services

Power Washing

Before your exterior surface is prepared and painted, our paint contractors will power wash or hand wash all the included siding, overhang, and trim to treat for mildew and remove any salts or dirt present. This important step in the process helps to ensure your surface is clean before applying new top coats. Power washing is also an excellent way to ensure that your finish remains clean and mildew free. Power washing is also available for sidewalks, driveways, brick, siding and any other surfaces that require cleaning.

    Additional Services

    • Rental Properties Special and One & Done Job
    • Decorative Finishes, Faux Finishes, and Murals 
    • Painting Related Repair and Replacement Services 
    • Entry Door Systems: New as well as Stripping and Refinishing 
    • Epoxy Floor Finishes for Garages, Basements, and Showrooms
    • Painting-Related Repair and Replacement Services
    • Staining and Finishing of New and Existing Woodwork
    • Complete Interior Repair and Painting
    • Wallpaper Installation and Removal 
    • Carpentry Services 
    • Stripping and Refinishing
    • Power Washing and Cleaning 
    • Complete Exterior Repair and Painting